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DistinguishedVoice is home to Miami-based voice-over artist, Dexter Floyd. Dexter has a deep, authoritative, and seductive voice that can be used for a wide variety of voice-over work.

He has the unique ability to change the tone of his voice so that it will sound great over any of the following work:

Radio Commercials:

Dexter Floyd lends his mesmerizing, deep voice to radio commercials, breathing life into every word. With his rich and authoritative tone, Dexter captivates listeners, ensuring that your message resonates and leaves a lasting impact. His voice adds a touch of sophistication and allure, making your radio commercials stand out from the crowd and enticing your audience to take action.

TV Commercials

When it comes to TV commercials, Dexter Floyd’s voice is a game-changer. His commanding presence and velvety timbre captivate viewers, drawing them into your advertisement. Dexter’s deep voice effortlessly communicates trustworthiness and professionalism, elevating your brand and enhancing its credibility. With Dexter Floyd’s voice as your ally, your TV commercials will leave a lasting impression and drive your message home.


Dexter Floyd’s beautiful, deep voice brings a new dimension to podcasts. As a seasoned voiceover artist, Dexter knows how to infuse each episode with captivating energy and a touch of allure. His velvety tones engage listeners, keeping them hooked from start to finish. Whether you’re narrating a captivating story, delivering informative content, or hosting an engaging conversation, Dexter’s voice adds a layer of charm and magnetism that keeps your audience coming back for more.

Digital Content & Phone Greetings

Dexter Floyd’s captivating voice enhances both your digital content and phone greetings, making a profound impact on your audience. Whether it’s explainer videos, online ads, e-learning modules, or phone system greetings, Dexter’s deep, resonant voice brings professionalism, authority, and a touch of elegance. His velvety tones effortlessly guide and educate, capturing attention and ensuring your message is heard loud and clear. Dexter Floyd leaves a lasting impression, establishing your brand as one that values exceptional customer service and creates a welcoming atmosphere for every caller.

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